Sunday, October 1st
12-5 PM      Registration at AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center (ATTEECC)
                    Transportation to Reception Details
5-9 PM       Welcome Reception at Finnell Home, 700 W. Monroe St.

 Monday, October 2nd
7-8AM        Group Breakfast, ATTEECC
8:05            Opening Remarks by Richard Finnell
Session 1 – Genomics of NTDs     Chair: Richard Finnell
8:20            Keynote Lecture: MIPs in NTD Research by Brian O’Roak, Oregon Health and Science University
9:00            TBD
9:20            TBD
9:40            BREAK
Session 2 – Precision Medicine     Chair: M. Elisabeth Ross
10:00           Invited Lecture: Zika Virus Update: Neurodevelopmental Consequences by Sarah Tinker, CDC
10:40           Inositol in the prevention of NTDs: the PONTI pilot study by Andy Copp, University College London
11:00            TBA by Valentina Mass, University of Milano
11:20            TBD
11:40            TBD
12:00           Group Lunch / Trainee-Mentor Luncheon SPONSORED by The University of Texas School of Public Health
Session 3 – Trainee Presentations     Chair: John Wallingford
1:15               Dominant Mutation in Primary Cilium Protein GPR161 is a Risk Factor for Human Spina Bifida by Sung Eun Kim, UT Austin Dell Medical School
1:30              TBD
1:45              TBD
2:00             TBD
2:15               TBD
2:30          BREAK
Session 4 – Neural Tube Closure     Chair: Deb Henken
2:45              Keynote Lecture:  Title to Follow by Kirilll Larin, University of Houston
3:30             TBD
3:50             TBD
4:10             TBD
4:30            TBD
4:50            TBD
5:10             ADJOURN

Tuesday, October 3rd